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CMU Approves Four New Charter Public Schools

CMU Approves Four New Charter Public Schools to Open in Fall 2012


CMU Approves Four New Charter Public Schools to Open in Fall 2012

New schools will create educational opportunities for students and families in the Detroit area.

Lansing, MI - The Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University (CMU) is pleased to announce that four charter public schools will open in fall 2012.  The four successful applicants who developed the schools were among a pool of more than 40 initial candidate groups pursuing charters before undergoing a rigorous review and selection process to receive one.  The groups have spent more than a year since then preparing to open the schools, which are all located in the Detroit area.

"CMU was the first university to authorize a charter public school in 1994," said Mary Kay Shields, interim executive director at the Center.  "Our years of experience since that time have given us a keen eye for what to look for among applicants, and we are extremely selective in choosing which groups are granted charters."  Those schools opening include:

CMU is a state and national leader in charter school authorizing, with 17 years of experience launching, supporting and overseeing charter public schools.   CMU currently authorizes 56 schools serving 29,000 students in the state.


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