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The Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools (Center) constantly works to provide accurate and up-to-date information to school administrators. The resources provided here are key to each administratorís job of ensuring a quality learning environment for their students.

The 2012-2013 Master Calendar of Reporting Requirements forms and documents are now available!

Reauthorization Templates & Documents

Finance Templates & Documents

Contract Amendment Templates & Documents

Master Calendar of Reporting Requirements for 2013-2014

Master Calendar of Reporting Requirements -Submission Forms & Sample Templates Library

2013-2014 Submission Forms - All Forms
  • Form A1 - PS/MAP Schedule - Fall
  • Form A2 - PS Assessment Coordinator Verification
  • Form A3 - MAP Assessment Coordinator Verification
  • Form A4 - PS/MAP Schedule - Spring
  • Form A5 - ACT Score Submission Form
  • Form A6 - EXPLORE & PLAN Schedule & Enrollment Form
  • Form A10 - EXPLORE & PLAN Test Materials Order Form
  • Form A11 - PS or MAP Student Assessment Form
  • Form A11 Revised - PS or MAP Student Assessment Form
  • Form C2 - Preliminary Headcount Form
  • Form C3 - Transparency Reporting Certification Form
  • Form C4 - Application & Enrollment Information Form
  • Form C5 - Application & Enrollment Results Form
Sample Templates

Importing Master Calendar Dates into Microsoft Outlook 2010:

1. Save the 2013-2014 Master Calendar Excel file to the location of your choice (desktop, C: drive, etc.)
2. Right click on Mailbox and select "New folder..." A dialog box will open.
3. Enter a name for which you want to call the Master Calendar items.
4. Select "Calendar Items" from the drop down menu under "Folder Contains:"
5. Select OK.
6. Select File, Open, Import
8. Click on "Import from another program or file." Click Next.
9. Click on "Microsoft Excel 97-2003." Click Next.
10. Click Browse and locate the Excel file which was downloaded from the website. Click Next.
11. Ensure that the correct location is highlighted in the folder list. Click Next.
12. Click Finish. The 2013-2014 Master Calendar dates have now been imported into your Outlook calendar.

If you need assistance, please contact Terri Ellis at (989) 774-2100

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Forms and Memos

  • CEPI listing of state forms (.pdf)
  • PSA Authorizer Security Agreement (.pdf)
  • MDE Communications Memos Page
  • Photo Release Form (.pdf)